oh my god she’s not even a lesbian. she’s ‘bi’


i’m not bitter i just hate that new girl

how could you throw away a year?

how could you throw me away when you were 

in love with me

what does she have that i can’t give to you?

why does she deserve you when i don’t?

i loved you more than anything

then some little bitch comes by and 

steals you from me.

what the fuck

i hate her so much

i don’t even know her

i’ve never seen a picture of her.

who is she?

can she love you more than i can?

you know what? 

if she’s better than me, go ahead.

i don’t need you.

not anymore.

not ever.


I’ll check my messages
They’ll say you wanna fight
I’m turning off my phone.
How high were you last night?